XF 1.2 Views count not going up


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The views count for one of my nine board isn't working. The numbers have been stuck for two days.

What do I do?


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I just checked. Yes, the cron entries all say, "next run Dec 22 ..."
As Mike has stated, you need to upgrade your xenForo version. I presume you are running 1.2.3? (or below).

We had a similar issue, your Cron isn't running and is stuck in a time that has already passed, this issue was fixed/tweaked in xenForo 1.2.4, and we haven't faced it after updating to 1.2.4 :)


Edit: In the case of you not being able to update anytime soon, just "disable" one of the Cron Entries, wait for a couple of seconds, enable it again and refresh your page. Cron Entries should then run on the next correct time. Updating asap is better!