XF 1.4 Viewing unknown page?


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I notice certain users are displaying this message, no matter what forum page they visit?
Any idea why, what would be the fix for that? I see the message next to user, while viewing the /online location. Thanks.


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Normally that would be caused by an addon that isn't doing at least a bassic Session Activity declaration:
public static function getSessionActivityDetailsForList(array $activities)
return new XenForo_Phrase('');}
If you actually know where they are viewing and its saying its a forum node then that is weird. You can look at the session activity table and get the controller as well as the content id for what someone is viewing.


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Showing this on my /online page:
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Viewing unknown page, 4 minutes ago

It is always showing this for him and another user.


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Hi @Daniel Hood, thanks for letting me know. I just looked at the server logs, the site is getting pinged every few minutes with those requests. Honestly, I find this intrusive and I'm currently blocking them with a 403 on my forums. Further, I don't allow headers with underscores because the security problems it might create and it's indistinguishable from "-" in CGI-like headers representation. jQuery already uses the proper syntax: X-Requested-With.
# find /var/www/html -type f -exec grep --color -i X_REQUESTED_WITH {} +
# find /var/www/html -type f -exec grep --color -i X-REQUESTED-WITH {} +
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