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Yo I want to buy this software but I have a Problem. I want this software to be like Redcafe where the threads instead of Subforum are showed.

U can go to and u will see the threads and subforums above , is this possible? In demo I cant findit

Chris D

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It appears to be an add-on, so it's not something that's included in the default software.

That said, I'm not 100% sure what add-on it is, so hopefully someone will be able to comment on that.

Chris D

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Looks like @Sidane may be the user who runs/works on that website you linked to (the website is linked to on his profile). He may be worth contacting.

Also the add-on appears to have references to EWRblock_TabbedContent.css in the code - this is likely from the XenPorta add-on, the author of that add-on is @Jaxel he may be able to provide some insight as to how that is achieved.


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The add-on used is XenPorta however it has been heavily customised by the owner, there are many custom mods RedCafe are using that have been developed by the owner.

Jake B.

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You could probably accomplish something very similar with [bd] Widget Framework using Widget Groups (they create the tabs, and have different widgets on each one. At that point it's just a matter of changing up some CSS :)