Video upload fails due to non-whitelisted ftyp


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Affected version
2.2.8 PL 1
Apparently was missed so I am opening a new bug report.

Currently videos with typ 3gp5 (which is used by Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra at least) cannot be uploaded as this ftyp is missing in the whitelist.
As diagnosing such issues is kinda complicated (we have to ask the users for the original files to inspect the header) it might make sense to at least add some kind of logging if an unknown ftype is discovered.

Ideally, it should be possible to configure additional types (via config.php) so it is not necessary to patch (or extend the class and overwrite the whole method) just to add an new type.


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I've reported this too ( and have been other reports before me (oh just seen this is an older thread and linked in the reply to mine).

You're welcome to use the attached hacky workaround addon I implemented for this. It re-defines the entire function that checks the video and adds in a few characters to allow these videos. It's unlikely this file will change between patch version upgrades, but it does log an error the error log if you upgrade and haven't upgraded the addon, just to note that the code may be mismatched. But it will solve this problem for you.


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