Fixed Video Insert Problem -> Thumb vs Full

au lait

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The following problem is incomprehensible for "normal" users and also I must say it is not optimal.

A video is neither Full nor Thumb. But an insert is ONLY possible via FULL. But what per se the whole functionality ad absurdum leads.
See video for clarification. A user does not understand why he gets only the images at Thumbs and then has to click extra for the video.

Solution no matter if the user clicks Thum or Full, as soon as a video is there, it is inserted.

View attachment screen_1612446194.mp4
Thank you for reporting this issue, it has now been resolved. We are aiming to include any changes that have been made in a future XF release (2.2.4).

Change log:
When inserting multiple attachments, allow the "thumbnail" button to insert audio/video attachments which do not support thumbnails.
There may be a delay before changes are rolled out to the XenForo Community.
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