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Video Directory (YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, etc)


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I know that this is not one of those things that should be included in the default install of xenForo, but I'd LOVE to see someone put together a video directory sort of mod like Jaxel has done for the vBulletin software.

vB 3.8: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=200819 ("remix" of Survivor's mod)
vB 4.0: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=240677 (Jaxel's own take on it for 4.0)

This is a great feature and judging by the number of downloads/installs (7111/711 for 3.8 and 2381/447 for 4.0) others feel the same way. :D

I just wanted to see if anyone would be willing to jump on this for xenForo ;)


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I asked for a Tube Feature ... same layout and functions as YouTube ...

No need to reinvent the wheel ... use what already works extremely well.

Any mod developer out there ? You have at least one sale with AmericanForum.com :)


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Some downsides are removed content creates a dead link in the directory, also a directory is less professional than your own video hosting service. I'm just not sure if our sever could cope with hosting video.


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That's the thing, some may not want to (or cannot) have the server issues with hosting their own videos. In that case, you can upload to YouTube and then embed them with a feature like this.

Removed content/dead links are reported by users and then removed by admins. It's not that difficult of a process as long as the reporting feature is included as part of it as they are in the examples above.


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* liked for add-on, not default feature.
FEATURE ... get with the times :D

YouTube is one of the biggest sites on the internet and the internet is becoming more video centric all the time. :)

I know most can't see the value to conversation this would bring to a forum ...

so I will gladly pay for an addon. If any developer can do this ... Your mod is SOLD !


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AmericanForum.com, that makes two of us willing to pay for a nice feature-laden add-on :D
I can't believe how blind people can be ...

the freaking YouTube layout works for generating traffic and most importantly CONVERSATION !

FORUMS are about CONVERSATION ... videos generate CONVERSATION ... no need to reinvent the wheel ... KISS :D


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ArnyVee and AmericanForum... I have already decided to abandon vBulletin.

I will convert my vB4 mod for XenForo and it will be available before the release of XF.
Thanks Jax, can you look into a way to pull embedded videos out of a thread and placing it in a Media Category?

It would be useful for easy access to videos from a site onto software such as Google TV.


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If we can have forum based custom thread fields for the initial post, then this sort of thing can be very easy to setup with simple template mods. edit: I'm referring to the OP. Custom thread fields and an easy template system enable all sorts of specific forums, providing richer user experiences with their organized content presentation, which can include all sorts of mashed media.


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Figured it would make sense to post it here.

I've been working on this mock up of what I'm looking for...it's from this thread , I have a bunch more to add to it in the way of details... and then I will outline how I "see it" working.

This would be the landing page with a quick media uploader/indexer on the right hand side...I also see a full standalone uploader page.

It's not all covered by the mockup yet but I will be continuing after a short break.



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EQnoble, while the my default script doesnt look like that, you could modify the templates to get it close.

Ken Powell

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Don't know if you're aware of it or not, but I went to your Walt Disney site and everything I tried to view said "this video removed by user"... Just FYI...