Very Happy Customer - Thank You XF

Anthony Parsons

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I changed over to XF shortly after its release, as the straw that broke the camels back for me was VB instigating the nonsense legal battle with XF the day before its release, which I know is smoke and mirrors. I think we all know that now.

Since changing, my server load dropped dramatically, which allowed me to quickly capitalise on adding more features via mods. I had never really added many mods when using VB for two reasons, being the load and then the clashes.

(Please do not turn this into a VB vs. XF debate or argument... not what its intended for)

I now have in excess of 20+ mods installed into XF, not one single mod interacts in a negative manner with another mod. I think this really stands out to me now just how vastly different the cores are from a decade old software vs. current software conventions. I always kept my mods to under 5 in VB due to the clashes, and even then some were less due to clashes.

Converting all my own personal forums to XF now, I have to say I am extremely happy with my decision. The mods are coming faster and faster, more developers have signalled they are just waiting for the product to go Gold before releasing their major market mods... all in all, extremely promising and one very happy customer here.

I will certainly be influencing everyone who I have ever managed or installed VB, IPB or other softwares to convert to XF... Ok, already have been... and some have, but I know XF is the future for forums. To me, it has now given a breathe of fresh air to the forum industry. Instead of just mimicking existing features, XF has really listened to the forum admins and built a current forum platform that contains current web trends.

Well done and thank you from one very happy customer.

Looking forward to see what XF do with products in the future... hint hint


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i thank xf team for this great product
my users are only waiting for personal albums to replace the old user album
hoping for them to release something similar in the next release !!?


Hey AP,

Pretty cool of you to write out your experience, and I am sure many share your opinion about XenForo, it's been a great ride so far. I am quite pleased that my sites are powered by a forum that's actively developed, and developed with passion.


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XenForo is great Software and the developers are also listening to our wishes and critics and they are also acting very fast.

The only thing I need is: more members to my Forums.... but I guess that´s a different story