RM 1.1 Version string missing?


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I'm testing the latest Resources version and there is an issue with the version string field. When I enable only the "Does not have a file" option for a specific category, the field is hidden. Is this a bug or the normal behavior?

I tested this issue here also, entered version 1.0.0 into field and selected the "Does not have a file" option. When I go back to edit the resource, the version field is hidden:

Another issue I noticed is related to custom fields. Say I create a custom field, then publish few resources. If I add another custom field and go back to edit a previously published resource, the new custom field is not present.
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Technically, it should, no? Regardless of file present or not, I can make reference to a product that can install locally without being downloaded. The best example is RPM packages, they require versioning and are installed with yum command.