XF 2.2 Version ID Format


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I am a bit confused about version ID vs. version string.

According to https://xenforo.com/docs/dev/add-on-structure/#recommended-version-id-format the version ID 2020871 should be
  • Major Version 2
  • Minor Version 2
  • Patch Version 8
  • State Stable
  • State Version 1
If I use version ID 2020871 on xf-addon:create it does create version string, however the download for "XenForo 2.2.8 Patch 1" which uses this ID obviously has a different version string.

It especially seems confusing to me that patch version is 8, yet it is labeled "Patch 1", @Kier @Chris D ?
How does that fit with state 9 (Patch Level), should this be used at all and if so in which cases?

2020891 (2.2.8 Patch Level 1) is higher than 2020873 ( / "2.2.8 Patch 3") which seems counter-intuitive (or I am missing smth?).
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