'Version Check" for all XF Addons


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@AndyB has a Version check addon for all XF2addon.com addons:


I think this would be super helpful and make major upgrades like the move to the upcoming 2.3 less painful.

If Developers have inputted XF 2.3 compatibility, it'd be great to see confirm compatibility from a list overview like that.
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I also have multiple boards and I’ve just created a new development board to develop a new style for an additional board. Once that’s done and ready we’ll acquire another XenForo license and launch it with a new domain.

I’m not alone in owning or managing multiple XenForo boards either. Having an organized addons list detailing current version installed, available update and XF compatibility is huge, especially when each forum uses different sets of addons as they cater to different needs.


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This should be core IMO.

Preferably take it one step further and have 1-click upgrades:

Actually, it seems that you are proposing 1-click upgrades. In that case this is a duplicate suggestion.