XF 1.4 Verifying Handling of Images

Dan Allen

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I use images a lot in my posts. I love that images can be pasted from my computer's clipboard into a post without having the save the image and upload as a file. Sweet. Here is an example:

Here is the pain. I lot of times, I need to change the picture. When I go edit, the edit screen does not display the images, but instead displays the attachments by number which are as easy to remember as random numbers , bear no correlation to what the pictures look like. This little quirk only about 20 times harder to swap pictures out than if edit displayed the picture same as when creating the post.


Any information provided will be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Dan Allen

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I need to add something. I am sure you are aware, there are a number of features differnet between editijg and adding a post Add is great, edit is poor in comparison. Really poor, with regard to images. The problems wiith images is they don't display and also, the image tags that do appear in the edit window are labeled by attachment id, instead of image id. No cross reference is provided, making much harder to tedit after posting than before, especially if you have lot of pictires. I post up to 30 images in a post.

Big time pain.

Is there a way for me to find out what the priority of this change is? Where it stand in the queue, and the changes ahead of this one?

Dan Allen

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Brogan, cool new picture.

Regarding the editing of posts with images embedded, I am considering maybe taking a shot at an addon to XF that would make editing of posts work the same as for add. I have a client who wants it, so I was thinking making it as as an addon might be the right way to to go. Or not. Really need some advice.

Before really digging into that, I wanted to ask if that was a reasonable objective for an addon, and whether the comopany already is doing the work to add it to the product.