XF 2.2 Vbulletin transfer to Xenforo, our albums don't show


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Hello, we recently had our Vbulletin forum moved over to Xenforo. Everything seems to be working great except our old member albums disappeared, nothing visible on Xenforo. The tech who transferred us to his new server is of no assistance to us on this, could you please help ? I did check our databases and found the import log "xxxxxxxx_xendb.import_log_vbulletin4_1" if that is of any help. I do still have access to the old vBulletin site and the directory.

Thank you !
AFAIK, vB member albums have no equivalent in XenForo core script. There may be a way to import them using a custom importer and the XFMG add-on, but that would require a 3rd party intervention.
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