vBulletin Nostalgia


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Post some photos of your forum from back when it was on vBulletin!

This is the I only one I could find of KH-Flare:


Liam W

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I'll have to try and find mine...

I had many different sites on the same license (I kept on closing and reopening them)...

Ingress Experts started on the vB license I owned, before I traded it for XF.

I don't think I have any screenshots (if I do, they'll be long gone), but I'll have a look see...



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Funny: vb2 screens looks fresher then vb3 screens. Must be the fancy gradients and pseudo-3d-effects of vb3
I don't own the site shown below, but I run the community and am doing the import to XenForo, so thought I'd post these:

UBB 5.47e:

vB 2.2.8:

vB 3.5.0:

XenForo 1.4.5:

(Coming soon ;))