XF 1.4 VBulletin navigation and link structure

Tracy Perry

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I am waiting for help in this regard. I tried the following application but it did not.

I'm sure @Jake Bunce will stroll through here shortly, but odds are he's going to need an example of your existing URL link structure for the threads you are referring to. You may want provide an example of the old vB link and the new XenForo link that you are having issues with. Also, are you using .htaccess (Apache) or nginx. The rewrites will be different for each HTTP server.

Jake Bunce

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I assume "konu" is the thread route.

For nginx:

        location ~* ^/forum/.+\.html$ {
                rewrite [^/]+/([0-9]+)-[^\./]+\.html$
/forum/konu/$1/ last;

That should do it.

I have not played with Litespeed before.