vBulletin 5.7 to Xenforo selfhosted


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on your page only the import from vB 5.3 mentioned. Is this information old?
Is it possible to import from vB 5.7 (actually version) without problems?

I am thinking about buying the selfhosted version of Xenforo.

Thx a lot, Thorsten


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It does not have an x, like "Discourse 2.x," it literally says "vBulletin 3.6 to 5.3" so the importer might not work past that version.
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Chris D

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The importer versions just denote the tested versions. I know that VB 5.6 works fine so I suspect 5.7 will be too.

As ever, always run a test import first. If you run into any specific issues we can help you out before you schedule and perform the live import.