Fixed vBulletin 4.x Import: Changelog entry "Avatar date" for every user with avatar

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A minor issue: The importer creates an "avatar_date" entry in "xf_change_log" for every imported avatar (old value 0, new value \XF::$time). I don't think this makes any sense because the avatar isn't more special than the other user properties. Would it be easy to fix this?

The installer runs the following code in XF\Install\Helper.php:
// we trigger some user changes here -- simplest to just clear this out
Maybe this code should be added to the importer if it is run with "retain IDs" enabled?
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Bit of a complicated one, this, but I've managed to prevent the change log being generated in the first place within the importer system, which should not only prevent the need to arbitrarily empty the change log table, but should also speed up the import process a bit.