vBulletin 3.6.8 + Mambo - migration and SEO questions


Currently run vBulletin 3.6.8 + old version off Mambo which was mated together in an unholy union 6 years ago.

Want to do an upgrade from vBulletin to Xenforo and Mambo to Joomla.
We are also migrating from a .com.au domain to .com.
The site gets 140,000 visits per month and has 350,000 posts.

In moving from vB to XF, we can't migrate profile comments, thread prefixes post edit histories and infractions.
Infractions - banned members will be unbanned?
What are profile comments, and thread prefixes?

A couple of questions.
Are their plugins for Joomla, we want single sign on between the two sides of the site.
How are forum URLs migrated? We want to put in 301 redirects on the .com.au pointing to the .com site.
The joomla site will cover a lot of Google Earth integration.

Our plan is to do an install on the .com site, install Joomla, build the connection between the 2, conduct a test migration of a few 1,000 posts, test in 'live environment' with a small number of users and make sure that everything is working. Then, on go live day, we will stop posting in the .com.au site, migrate everything to .com site, put the 301's in place and job done. Does this sound like a good plan? What issues have we missed.

Thanks in advance. Really looking forward to going to Xenforo.
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Banned members will remain banned (or should). You'll need a bridge, I believe there is one. You will need to wrote redirects, but it is entirely possible.