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XF 1.3 vBSEO3.8.x to xF NGINX rewrites

Jake has been helping a bit...but we seem to have hit a wall.

The old urls with vBSEO were like this


(currently giving a 404)

However the new url looks like this

So we are keeping the ID of the url.

Jake suggested to use
location ~* ^/forums/.+\.html$ {
rewrite [^/]+/([0-9]+)-[^\.]+\.html$
/threads/$1/ last;
or the htaccess to nginx converter suggested
rewrite ^/forums/[^/]+/([0-9]+)-[^.]+.html$ /threads/$1/ permanent;

The suggested htaccess that seemed to work for Jake previously was
RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^forums/[^/]+/([0-9]+)-[^\.]+\.html$ /threads/$1/ [R=301,L]
This doesn't quite work.

any help would be excellent.
I'm far from a nginx expert, or moderate. However, I can edit the conf and restart nginx pretty well.