XF 1.2 vBSEO urls with no ids

Brent W

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So I have a few sites that either did not put ids in their individual forum urls or their member page urls.

So a url like this: http://www.v6mustang.com/vb/members/benito334/index.php

isn't something that can just be redirected with easy rewrites.

It should be able to still be redirected the following way:

Rewrite rules to grab the username out of the url. The easy part.

Pass the url to a script, lets call it vbseomembers.php

vbseomembers.php takes the username, users a SQL query to query xf_user.php for the user_id associated with that username and then everything else is simply passing the user_id back to what would be the code in the traditional member.php redirect to get the new url.

Am I missing something? Is it that simple? Any issues that can be caused by doing it this way?


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If you change the user name, it will fail to redirect. If you still have the old database you should: query the old DB to get the user id, query the XF import log to get the new id, then redirect.