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You should post why it did not work (eg errors you received, etc) in that thread.


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Reputation clicks are basically likes in vB. The import from vB to XF already imports them as likes.
Thanks for your reply, @Jake Bunce. (y)

But I'm afraid I still don't get it. If by "Reputation clicks" you mean the "Reputation Level" feature at vBulletin, I don't know how does it working when importing to XenForo.

For instance, two users:

vBulletin Reputation Level: 48
vBSEO Likes Received: 26
Likes (once imported to XenForo): 13

vBulletin Reputation Level: 67
vBSEO Likes Received: 124
Likes (once imported to XenForo): 10

So, user "Apolo" had less Reputation Level than user "turcu" but either way user "Apolo" ended up having more Likes than user "turcu" after migrating to XenForo, so I don't know how does this work.

Also, please note I always had vBSEO installed and its "Likes" feature was the only available to forum members. We never used any "thank you" plugin nor any other similar one.

Thanks for helping me to clarify this issue. :)


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Hmmm... never mind... I guess I've just figured this one out:

Every time a user gave a positive (with at least 1 point of) "Reputation", it counts as 1 Like by XenForo importer. Even if the user gave, say, 5 points of "Reputation", XenForo importer will import it as 1 "Like".

Mystery solved.


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Hi again @Jake Bunce

There is no separate import module for the vBSEO likes, but I have handled this manually for previous imports by running this query on the vB database to convert the vBSEO likes into reputation clicks:

INSERT INTO reputation (postid, userid, reputation, whoadded, reason, dateline)
    (SELECT vl.l_contentid, vl.l_dest_userid, 1, vl.l_from_userid, '', vl.l_dateline
    FROM vbseo_likes AS vl)
    postid = VALUES(postid);
I guess that query is to be run _before_ runnning the XenForo import script. What if we have already migrated to XenForo?

For the record, we still have the import log archived in a table and we have also installed the "Import Tools by Waindigo 1.0.1" add-on.

Thank you! (y)

Jake Bunce

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FYI for others. I ran this query to directly import vbseo likes to XF following an already completed imported:

Rich (BB code):
INSERT INTO xfdbname.xf_liked_content (content_type, content_id, like_user_id, like_date, content_user_id)
	SELECT 'post', vl.l_contentid, vl.l_from_userid, vl.l_dateline, vl.l_dest_userid
        FROM vbdbname.vbvbseo_likes AS vl
        content_id = VALUES(content_id);
Note that this query assumes the source and destination ids are the same as was the case for japersonal. There is an option during the import to preserve source ids.

Database names and vB's table prefix have been highlighted. Those are the parts you may need to change if you wish to use this query yourself.

You are advised to backup the xf_liked_content table first.

Then I ran the script I posted in this thread: