XF 2.0 vb5 to xf2 importer gets stuck

I am running the importer vb5 to xf2, but it gets stuck here and won't move.

Step 16 of 26: Posts - [264,474] 6.42%

What should I do?
Mine did that but I refreshed the page but on completion when it was rebuiling I get..

Was from vb4 thou.

An exception occurred: [Exception] DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string (2014-04-06 :) at position 11 :)): Unexpected character in src/XF/Criteria/Page.php on line 44
I'm having trouble as well - but with a vB4 conversion. Every time, I don't get even 1 full percent into the posts table before it crashes... I wonder if it's a similar issue...