vB4 suite 4.0.8 import possible?


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IF it's JUST the forum, no blog, no cms, no user groups, no gallery, etc, it can be done, I did it just the other night. And I used the built in importer that is for the 3.7/3.8. You can see mine here: Secret City Designs Forum

Be sure and clean your vb forum well and that your user name in the vb site matches the XenForo site as closely as possible prior to import. And move all your members to one user group except for your moderators. Example, if you have more than one user group for regular members, move them to one group called Registered or Members. Get rid of all banned members.

But I did it and did it without the 4.0 add on script.

Robert F Schmitz

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I imported my 4.07 site over into my XenForo test site and did much of what Southernlady suggested but left my user groups. The groups and the members ported over well.


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How much time did it take to go through the sorting process. I assume some things had to be tweaked?
Really depends on the size of your forum that you are porting over. I only had 15 users but had a large database of threads. I only took 2-4 hours.
Yes, there is the importer...what Rob and I are saying is we didn't need it.


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So as well as no social groups, blogs, cms and reputation, you even have no attachments ?

I cant see that being very common. :)
No, it isn't but I didn't want to carry mine over. However, most of mine aren't attachments. Mine were typically attached to the server anyway, Moving them to another area on the server, didn't affect mine. And my users typically used photobucket.


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Thats highly unusual IMO.

Anyone wanting to import vb4 should use the vb4 importer, not the 3.8 importer. Thats its purpose in life. :)
Yes, it is unusual but apparently not uncommon.

If someone is running a vb 4 forum or even a suite that is very basic, then the built in importer will work following what Rob and I have done. But we are the "zebra's". We aren't the run of the mill vb 4 site out there. Most vb 4 site's need your importer, just not 100%, more like 97%. So you still are there for most people. What Rob and I are saying is that it is possible.