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vb3.8 file system attachments import


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all my tests with xf importer were very successful on my local machine + wamp with database of 2.5 millions posts and 50,000 members. i do have attachments of 12 gigs size and i didnt include it in my tests yet becuase am sure at that time it will be very time consuming.

now i will test attachments but i need to know some info related to the correct path to attachments folder. on my production server the path to attachments folder is:

but i am running my tests on my local machine and the path to xen folder is:

So where i should put the vbattachments folder on local machine so its path can be recognized and accepted by xen importer and run the import proccess?

Paul M

Well-known member
To do an attachments test you need to copy the attachments to your local machine, so you simply enter whatever path you choose to save them at.

C:\wamp\www\vbattachments would probably be as good a choice as any just for testing.


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Just to be crystal clear, the attachments need to be on the same machine as xf. Specifically, in your case, you need a local copy. (I think you know that but for the sale of others reading this I wanted to type that).

You could put your attachments almost anywhere on your local machine, I would be tempted to put them where Paul suggested.