XF 1.5 vB -> xf 1.5: what is the proper way to import paid subscriptions?


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Hi @Brogan and @Mike

Our existing vb site has multiple levels of paid subscriptions - when someone purchases a subscription they are added to a secondary usergroup. As such, I have a couple questions as to how I should approach this.

Brogan, you state that when setting up the site we should not create any new content lest things be duplicated in the db. We should then set this as a master for restoration. Does this include not creating paid upgrades? Are they considered content, or are we ok to go ahead and create those prior to importing?

Jake Bunce

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The big board importer does the user upgrade records but it doesn't create the actual user upgrades. You need to create those in the XF Admin CP. It is appropriate to make those part of your "master for restoration." Although the big board importer is intended to be run multiple times against the same installation without having to restore.

Note that when you create the upgrades in XF you need to make sure they have the same ids as vB's paid subs.


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Because you're using the big board importer, you should likely direct any questions about the import process there as the behavior is totally different than the default importer (which creates the user upgrade records, but there are still limits on importing due to differences in functionality).