XF 2.2 VB imported upgrades expiry and demotion


Question about the automatic expiration of a paid upgrade ...

I recently migrated an active forum from vB to Xenforo. In vB there was a paid subscription with several hundred member-subscribers.

The usergroup that provided the upgraded access is populated only with members with a paid subscription.

Of course the existing Paypal auto-renewing subscriptions for vB will no longer be active. We will be telling all upgraded subscription members to cancel their auto-renewals (in their Paypal) and re-subscribe through the new Xenforo forum.

- Will the existing subscriptions in the Upgrade Usergroup (from vB) auto-expire as their term ends?
This question because of the notes above in this thread that if an expiration is not set by the upgrade, it won't auto-expire. Of course these expiration dates were originally set in vB, not in Xenforo.

- Should I set up a new Upgrade Usergroup in Xenforo? And not use the existing usergroup migrated from vB?

I don't want to create a necessity to adjust these upgrades/subscriptions manually. In the past we've had as many as 1,200+ subscribers. It isn't feasible to manage them manually.

If the vB Upgrade Usergroup won't expire automatically, I'll use the batch move to clear them in conjunction with the expirations. (I can track via MS Excel.)

Thanks for any information and tips!
I have replied to your ticket but for anyone else finding this thread, all of the data is imported so XF will automatically demote accounts once the term expires.

The only thing which doesn't persist is the recurring payment set up under VB; members would need to cancel and resubscribe.
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