Variables in templates


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I have created a column called 'column' in xf_post, for example

If I use {$post.column} or {$message.column} (in templates post and message, respectively), would it refer to the database or some cached value?


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@Chris D Right, I imagined so, so I have a situation here then.

Template modification to: message

<xen:if is="{$xenOptions.baShowVoteRibbon} AND {$message.bestanswers} >= {$xenOptions.baVoteIndicatorMinimumVotes} AND in_array({$thread.node_id}, {$xenOptions.baEnabledForums})"><strong class="apBAVoteIndicator"><span></span>{xen:phrase bestanswer_voteindicator, 'votes={$message.bestanswers}'}</strong></xen:if>
// debug line below
This gives me: 1 If I use another account and click the vote button, it says 2. So it's incrementing by one. That's not what is in the database.

bestanswers is 1500. If I make a vote, the $post.bestanswers is increased by 1, however the database increases by 50 (as expected, some usergroups can have more power to affect the vote), so it's not a problem on the PHP code end of things, the database is being edited as it should, something is just wrong with the addition of it into the template.