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Using XF user database for external script


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I'm looking to start a new website and am considering choosing XF as my forum solution (vs. vb3, which I'm very experienced with).

I'm a PHP developer and so the website will have a custom-coded mainsite/blog area. I want that to use the forum to handle accounts and sessions just to keep things as simple and as secure as possible.

With vBulletin, all I needed to do was include a file (global.php) and check for a variable ($vbulletin->userinfo) containing the user information. Can a similar approach be taken to integrate XF with a custom script?

Also, on a separate note, is XF's user upgrade system pretty much the same as vB's paid subscriptions? I need the forum to be able to handle paypal donations.


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OK, thanks. So you're saying the solution presented in post #19 in the first thread should work just like checking $vbulletin->userinfo?