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Using XenPorta's new Forum Styling for Articles.

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Articles Tab [aka Pages Tab] - updated January 15, 2012

This uses commonly available addons to make native xenforo threads appear as articles.

- WYSIWYG editing (uses Xenforo's native editor)
- Articles have comments (can be disabled)
- articles have their own Tab.
- Article Listing (list of articles) appears when Tab clicked.
- Categories - list the articles in that category.
- "Pages" editable outside the AdminCP.
- data safe in default xenforo formats / tables.
- Articles appear in "What's new". Comments bump the article back to the top.
- Watch, Likes, Reporting available.

4 Key Ingredients for an Articles Tab:
[1] Categories: Thread prefix listing could work as categories. [easy] [optional]
[2] Articles Tab: Jake's addon [Nodes As Tabs (with tab selection)] does that. [easy]
[3] Article-looking view: XenPorta's Article + Comments view works well. [Demo] Note: you could style it yourself even more. [easy]
[4] Article listing: [pretty easy]
- would be a thread, which displays when you click the Articles Tab [Demo].
- articles would be listed manually. (could be much nicer than the usual sterile articles list !)
- remove the breadcrumbs for more of a clean Page look.

(1) XenPorta - xenporta.com
(2) Nodes as Tabs (with selection).
(3) Articles forum - see setup below
How to setup the Articles Forum such that the pages display in the Articles Tab.
... and that clicking on the Tab displays the [4] Article List :

My addon doesn't support threads as tabs, only nodes as tabs (hence the name :p). But if the thread is inside of a node tab then the thread will highlight that tab. With that in mind, you can create a forum as a child of the link forum, post the thread in that forum, then edit the link forum to go to that thread.

Link Forum (is tab, and links to thread)
- Forum (child of link forum)
- - Thread (posted inside of forum)

=========== NOTES =======================
This Articles System uses XenPorta's ability to style individual forums. I discovered this by looking at Jaxel's 8way annoucement thread.
See how it is styled such that it makes the 2/3/4th posts look like comments ?
xenporta.8wayrun.com.article.comments.jpg [Demo]
(Article Styling = Article + Comments)

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Idea: using Simple Forms for the Article Submission ?
Q: Can people submit a form with one section being a WYSIWYG-edited entry ?

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=== OLDER INFORMATION === removed from first post.
The Articles could even have their "own Tab" as I've seen an Addon here that will display selected forums under a different tab. In this case if you put the "Articles forum" under a Tab called Articles ... you would then have Articles and they all would be listed under a Tab called Articles ! The addon that splits the forum "into pages" (What I call tabs)i:
Forum Index in Pages


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Can an Article paginate on a long one?

Do all the Articles collect in one forum? Or could I have several to act as categories?
In that case I guess I'd have Category tabs which would be neat as I'll end up with a library of 100s of Articles.


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So Xenporta can pretty much be used as an article system? Is this the better way to go than using a bridge addon like Wordpress or ContentTeller? The main benefit I see is one search engine that can return all types of content instead of splitting it between two systems.