Using Xenforo with Digital Access Pass


I currently use the membership software Digital Access Pass (DAP) to sell several products. I'd like to add a support sub-forum for each of my products and also sell access to a premium sub-forum. DAP already includes integration with vBulletin - so you can specify that when a user buys product X, they are given access to subforum X - and if the product is a monthy membership, their access to subforum Y is removed if they cancel/fail to pay.

Sadly (perhaps not sadly!), I don't want to use vBulletin.

I'm wondering if there is a way I can achieve the same or similar thing with Xenforo? Or at least I'd like to get a picture of the ways I could sell/control access to the forum.

DAP has a plugin system:

I'm not a programmer, but from I can see, it would allow a notification to be sent to a 3rd party when a user signs up for a product. I think the next version of DAP will also allow a notifcation to be sent when a user cancels/doesn't pay.

I see than Xenforo has XenAPI - if DAP is able to send a notification, could a user be created/updated and given access to a specified forum?

I sort of feel that some of this is beyond me, so I'm wondering if anyone has done it. I'm guessing using this combo I wouldn't get the automatic log in/log out that DAP/Vbulletin integration offers. (Sadly), I feel vBulletin might still be the best option for me in these particular circumstances.

Any suggestions or insights are appreciated!


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Without looking into it much, it is entirely plausible. XenForo is very flexible and it's code works wonders on automating things for you. (y)


Good to know its possible in principle - but I guess not out of the box. If DAP ever integrate with Xenforo or a proper bridge from the xenforo side is produced I'd be very keen.