Using Xenforo with Digital Access Pass


I currently use the membership software Digital Access Pass (DAP) to sell several products. I'd like to add a support sub-forum for each of my products and also sell access to a premium sub-forum. DAP already includes integration with vBulletin - so you can specify that when a user buys product X, they are given access to subforum X - and if the product is a monthy membership, their access to subforum Y is removed if they cancel/fail to pay.

Sadly (perhaps not sadly!), I don't want to use vBulletin.

I'm wondering if there is a way I can achieve the same or similar thing with Xenforo? Or at least I'd like to get a picture of the ways I could sell/control access to the forum.

DAP has a plugin system:

I'm not a programmer, but from I can see, it would allow a notification to be sent to a 3rd party when a user signs up for a product. I think the next version of DAP will also allow a notifcation to be sent when a user cancels/doesn't pay.

I see than Xenforo has XenAPI - if DAP is able to send a notification, could a user be created/updated and given access to a specified forum?

I sort of feel that some of this is beyond me, so I'm wondering if anyone has done it. I'm guessing using this combo I wouldn't get the automatic log in/log out that DAP/Vbulletin integration offers. (Sadly), I feel vBulletin might still be the best option for me in these particular circumstances.

Any suggestions or insights are appreciated!