Using xenforo post parser outside xenforo?

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Is there a way to use the xenforo post parser outside of the forum?

I am integrating it here:

So for the news posts i wish to use the xenforo parser as that's where the posts come from.

Was a bit tricky exporting my custom news database into the xenforo forum but i got it to work whipping together a quick a dirty php script to export my own news and then create threads/posts in the forum heh.

Just need to sort out the comments then it's done, so proud of myself lol.

Jake Bunce

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I think you want this file:


This class has functions to parse BB code.

If you need help with the actual implementation then I suggest posting in this forum.


Shouldn't the library for xenforo have a bbcode dir with a Parser.php file in it? I am sure that one will have bunch of functions

[edit] Jake beat me to it.