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Using Twitch API with Xenforo User list

I'm pretty positive this can be done but I'm so code creator illiterate haha. I would like to see if there is a way I can use the Twitch API and have that sync up the Twitch Subscribers to the Xenforo users (As long as the twitch users registered the same name/email on the Xenforo site). So if someone subscribes to the streamers channel then on the website they will automatically have their Secondary Group assigned as "Subscriber" which would then give them a Sub banner on their name and could potentially allow them to get into Sub-Only forums. Thanks! :)
Yep. Works great. This will only work once you get a Subscriber button though. So good luck on that journey. Hope you get it. Lots of work! But if you have any other ideas that may need the some Twitch integration with Xenforo, Jaxel is definitely your guy. He's a beast.