Using the built-in Report system versus the old Forum-for-reports method

Which Report method do you use?

  • Built-in reports

    Votes: 5 71.4%
  • All reports stored in a moderation forum

    Votes: 2 28.6%

  • Total voters


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Which style of reporting do you use?

What are the pros and cons of each?

I can think of the old method having an advantage that you can check all existing moderation issues just by browsing a forum, without special buttons to bring you special Moderation details.

On the other hand, the new 1.2 built-in system now gives a lot of what one could ask for.
Your view?


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We use a bit of a combination. I prefer (and recommend) that users use the report button, just because it leaves an alert to the entire team and will probably be dealt with very quickly. Having users post within a thread or forum means that the team will have to be actively checking that thread/forum, which is fine, but I assume they're also browsing the site and posting around. Much easier to just have that alert in the moderator bar.

After we deal with the reports, though, we keep detailed logs about every situation & how it was handled within our staff forum. Threads are organized by the member involved. I find this is a bit more organized & accessible than trawling through the closed reports. It also lets us more easily pick out repeat offenders.