XF 1.3 Using only part of the web importer?


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I've got a fairly large forum - around 3m posts, 75k members, and I don't want to take the forum down long enough to allow the web importer to do its thing.

As such, I've bought and tested the Big Board Importer and it works great.

However, two of my add-ons have included VB > XF importers as steps inside the web importer. I'd like to use these but it appears that every time I even click through on the web importer and fill out the connection strings, it starts doing something. I haven't let it spin through that process yet but the last time I let it go for a minute and my posts disappeared out of the test instance.

So, I guess my question is two fold: what does the importer do immediately after you click "go" having filled out your SQL connection string? I thought there was a subsequent page that let you actually decide what data to import - is there no way to get to that page without harming the existing, imported data?

And two, if that's indeed the case, is there a way to do what I want - to use pieces of the web importer, without touching the rest of the imported data?


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It doesn't do much of anything - it takes you to a list of steps. If you are maintaining IDs, it does clear out the default forums (1 and 2), so I suppose it could be that.

If you're hoping to use those two importer types together, you're likely going to have to manually hack some things together as assumptions won't be met.