Using individual images for forum icons instead of sprite?


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Hey there. I'm making a skin and not really wanting to do the sprite method (mainly cuz i find it to be a pain to make in photoshop ETC), So i was wondering how would I get the forum icons behavior work using separate images? one for no new posts, one for new posts, linked forum/redirect, and page? Can this be done? Thanks!
Go into Appearance >> style properties >> node icons and the listings on the left hand side you just insert the path to your individual image rather than the spritesheet. You'll have to remove the positioning text (coordinates ) also.
In that area there are different properties for read, unread, etc. You can define different images there. And remove the background position if you aren't using a sprite.
Ah got it. Thanks Jake. :)

Also, does it matter what size these images are? I was using an image and removed the position but but it looked cut-off so i had to resize it.....i guess there's no way around that though.....
Could you define a width: x height x in extra if this is the case? per node? I'm sure it could be done though i may be wrong.

edit: I probably misunderstood what you meant Kev

Yeah Shelley, I did so when I changed the ones I used...

.node_2 .nodeIcon {
    float: left;
    height: 64px !important;
    margin: -2px 8px -4px 5px !important;
    width: 64px !important;
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