Using addons in the demo

Hi there,
I'd like to have a closer look at Xenforo with the demo, but it seems like I can't download any addons, not even language packs, as I'm not a customer yet.
Is this correct or did I miss something?
It would obviously be really sweet to be able to test some addons, and verify that they really do what I need them to do.

Steve F

Well-known member
The demo doesn't allow the installation of add-ons, you wouldn't be able to upload files for the add-ons.

Yes, you have to be a customer to download add-ons and styles.

Ernest L. Defoe

Well-known member
I think you actually have to use the latest build from the authors site (I believe it's a BETA), but it works fine.
I think the version posted here will work with xF1.5 but if you are using PHP7 you need the version posted on the authors site. It may have a BETA tag but it works very well. There are a few bugs but nothing that keeps it from working.