Using a currency point system for team work

I have an idea. I want to put my students in teams, just like as if they were in a business team starting a business. There will be an investor, entrepreneur, marketer/sales, logistics, accounting, etc.

Each investor will be giving 1000 currency points. They will need to decide how much to pay each employee and how to award or punish (give or take points) based on performance. Each employee can use their points to award or punish service providers in the team or from other teams in the class.

When people are active on the forums they also earn points.

Does this sound possible using any of the current add-ons?

Can the "investors" or "entrepreneurs" in the group give awards to the other team members?

I honestly don't think it's possible for members groups (how you title them) to give awards (basically if they don't have admincp access they won't be able tyo give since the award system (BD) awards have to be manually given by the admin. I think there is an automated version though you would need to speak to XFRocks but for your members to give awards they would need access in the admincp. It might be worth asking XFRocks about this see if some fruitful comes from it or make him aware of this thread.

Points/credits and such it's possible to give (investor to entrepreneurs) and vice versa but you would need to read up on the add-ons here, what features they have to make that final judgement call yourself.
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