Looking for a point system

Hay Xemforo Community I'm looking for a add-on that will let players collect points around the server for doing things like posting comments, voting on poles, placing a positive rating, update status have a birthday, ect, a bit like the trophy system, but when the player has collected enough points they can spend them in a forum shop to award them self's banners, titles, name colors, name formats and other cool server bonuses, and also if possible allow them to buy stuff that will give them extras in minecraft, like use the server points to buy colored chat or /hat in server.
also will need a forum shop that can handle all this and perhaps even link with minecraft.
if minecraft linking is to unstable or unavailable, it is ok, maybe have it send the player a special one time use code that the player can use in, buycraft.
If anyone knows a add-on like this or can make one that would be amazing thanks :)
I'm looking for a system that allows users to collect points from being active on the forums so like the current trophy system, then with those point the player can spend them on forum titles, name colors/formats, banner styles, different forum themes, ect. also would like to integrate it to the pixelmon server (1.8.9) I am making so I can allow players to buy in game money titles pokemon, items and commands, I'm also making a mini game server (1.10.2/latest) and I would like to have players be also able to gain points from wining mini games,I know this will require a mod/plugin to go with it to allow communication between the add-on and mod/plugin
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