XF 1.0 Users to buy multiple upgrades at different times?


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Hi guys,

I am having trouble figuring out how allow users to repurchase an upgrade after the time has run out.

Currently on my forum it does not allow users to purchase multiple instances of upgrades in separate transactions, even after the time value set in user upgrades section of the ACP has run out.

At least that is what my users are telling me, I haven't actually checked it out myself. I wanted to ask here before I started making test payments with my debit card.

Is this the default behavior? Is there a way to allow someone to buy an upgrade and then buy the same upgrade again at a later point in time if the previously purchased upgrade is expired? I thought that was the default behavior, but yet my users are telling me that they cannot.

I would like to think that the portal is simple enough that user error could be ruled out, but I have been surprised how difficult the internet is for people before so you never know.

Thanks in advance,


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Are they trying to purchase it immediately after it has expired?

It requires a cron task to run before it is available for purchase again.

Is the option actually unavailable, or do they receive some sort of error?


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The option to buy isn't there. I will check the cron schedule when I get to my laptop to see if someone changed it to something funky or something and maybe bump up the frequency that it runs for that entry and see if that helps. Thanks.