XF 1.4 Users that go from facebook are kept logging out

I've had the logging issue with Facebook in recent days. All the users came from Facebook --> went to Xenforo via the link in Facebook -->tried to log in --> Logged in and then were pushed to log out again and again.

Please help me!
We use XF 1.4.7.


XenForo developer
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Please first disable all add-ons and confirm the issue on the default style.

Does your Board URL reflect the actual URL that user's are using to access the forum? If not, this can interfere with Facebook logins.
I registered via Facebook and all seems to be working as expected for me.
Thank you for your feedback. Some our users reported this issue to me. And I had faced it at the previous time of disabling all ad-ons as well. So I think I will observe it in the next couple of days.