User's profile modification for admins and modeartors


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I think, that this will be very useful for large communities and will help moderators and admins to do their work more effectively.

1. Add information about user's ban: who banned, ban reason, ban expiration. And also there should be some identification of banned user under his avatar in message area on threads pages...

2. Add "Edit profile" link to the user's profile page.

Are very necessary!!!

And display of infringements and blocking for the moderator.
And that for all users it was reflected that the infringer is blocked. So now can't communicate.


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Well the functionality exists, it's up to you whether to use it or not.
Ok, I completely understand you. But here is an example.

As far as I know, automatic user group promotion works only for users, who were active for last 3 days from the moment, when cron entry starts. So, if I have user banned month ago, this will not work in that case. So I should do it manually. Don't you think, that such things should be implemented in the way, which don't require extra steps from end-user to achieve them?


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I think confidential notes on a user account for staff to see is good. Maybe I missed it - is it there?