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XF 1.3 Users not being able to log in after site migration


Active member
We recently upgraded the forum to 1.3, but users are having issues logging in. Unfortunately the upgrade happened at the same time as a migration where we moved from one domain to another, so I'm unsure which is causing the issue.

The issue is users not being able to login unless they click "Remember me" - weird issue I know. The error I think they are getting is the username/password being incorrect, so many have assumed that their passwords are wrong, have been changed, or that they are hacked. It's a pretty big deal that I need to get fixed pretty quickly, and all help is really appreciated.

I don't really have much more detail but I can get it from the suffering users if you want, just ask away.

Liam W

Well-known member
Sounds like a cookie issue to me...

Have you customised the cookie domain or anything like that at all in the config file?

Is your site accessed from both www/non-www and/or https/non-https?



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Your current cookie settings look fine to me:

path: "/"
domain: ".watchwrestling.ch"
prefix: "xf_"
Also worth knowing I just logged in successfully without selecting "Remember Me?".


XenForo developer
Staff member
If they're getting incorrect password messages, the "stay logged in" option wouldn't apply. If people are getting incorrect password messages and they're positive they're entering the correct password, this is likely caused by a migration from PHP 5.3 or newer to PHP 5.2 -- you can confirm this via admin.php?tools/phpinfo. If this is the case, you would need to contact your host to switch to PHP 5.3 or newer. (PHP 5.3 includes more secure password options that XenForo uses.)


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Says we have PHP Version 5.4.26. There is another weird issue regarding logging in and out: when we click "log out", the page refreshes but you're still logged in, but as soon as you click to enter a section, thread, or anything on the page, you're logged out. I'm not sure if this helps debug the problem or not.

As for the original concern of users not being able to log in without clicking "Remember me", that seems to have fixed itself.