Lack of interest Users list


In the users list it has 20 users per page. But you can only see 13. You have to scroll down to see the other 7. This adds I think an unnecessary step. If it was set up to where you only had 13 and didn't have to scroll then you could just switch pages in between the users and not have to constantly switch pages and then scroll up and down. Not the biggest deal in the world I know but it actually does cause me a lot of grief...
Interesting point you make here, as it could be a cool feature but you have to consider lots of people have different monitor sizes, on this site and your own.

For example, I'm running 1680x1050 and I can only see the first 9 members. If you made the numbers of users shown 13, I would still have to scroll.

You could perhaps zoom out (ctrl -) to see all of the members shown on the page, or have a user option to display a certain number of members.


ctrl - zooms out but I still only show 13 members...
my resolution is 1366x768
the number of users listed isn't really relevant to me.
I just don't want to have to scroll down to see them.
The problem is the internal scroll bar...
If that wasn't there I could at least quickly scroll up and down with "page up" and "page down"
here is a screen shot below