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Users complaining about having to click multiple times?


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Alot of my users have been saying that no matter what browser they are using that sometimes they have to click a link 2 or 3 times before it will go. It happens to me alot in the admin panel, but I thought my PC was just old haha. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

edit: Just realized this should've been put under troubleshooting probably.



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Which links are you referring to?

Plain URLs or overlays?

Are you on shared hosting or a VPS/Semi/Dedicated?


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Any/all links. Submit buttons as well, will timeout.

Shared hostgator.. I was wondering if that's why.. because we get a ton of activity.. usually always have 2o-40 people online and we are about to hit 300 members. We've only been running since like July7th or so.


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Any/all links. Submit buttons as well, will timeout.

Shared hostgator.. I was wondering if that's why..
We used to use shared hosting at HG.. when using vb3.x. That was happening to us as well. Though based on the number of posts about it on the HG support forums, we got reasonably lucky by being on a better server (or better neighbors) and for the most part worked OK(ish), for a while.


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If you think your forums will sustain that amount of traffic, you should really consider getting a virtual dedicated server. Shared hosting is usually really bad for high traffic sites (because hosts typically pack 100+ accounts onto a single server).

I'd personally recommend going with mediatemple.net for a virtual dedicated. Their $50/mo plan should easily handle a XenForo site with 20-40 concurrent users. You'll have to do a *little* optimization on the server side, but it's easy and there are instructions on their knowledgebase, community wiki, and forums.


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Thank you for the suggestion, I found a good host that will sponsor and host the site for free. They aren't a huge host, so not nearly as many sites on a shared server.. but they said they will meet our goals of performance to keep up with the activity, so we'll see how it turns out. whole site gets transferred in about 2 hours.