XF 1.3 'Users Active' statistics wrong

Ever since we moved to our new hosting setup (three frontend web servers, 1 master & 1 slave db for backup, memcached on all three frontends) the calculation of 'users active' has gone to pot.

We normally have around 2000 active users, since the move it has gone to less than 100. Forum activity is no different and all other stats are calculating correctly.

What has gone wrong?


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Unfortunately I don't see a reason why this would happen. I could see a possibility if the number went to 0, but not to something higher than that. The stats read the xf_user.last_activity value and determine who is active from that. If that value has been updated for some users, it should be updated for all users.

If you search for users active in the last day or two in the user search, how many does it return?

Jake Bunce

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The hourly cleanup updates the last activity in user records:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Cron Entries -> Hourly Clean Up

This is no doubt what Mike is referring to. Check the last run date to make sure that it has been running. But if it was failing to run then I would expect your active number to drop to 0 (as Mike said).

Maybe your xf_session_activity table is not healthy (where session dates are stored which are converted into last_activities). That is a memory table and would be subject to loss from server crashes (such as MySQL crashing). Ask your host to check the uptime on MySQL. Just a guess.
Thanks both for your replies.

I think the errors are related to the xf_session_activity table. We have a cluster of db servers and had problems replicating this table successfully. Things do seem to have started working again now so fingers crossed :)