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Lack of interest Usergroup settings: Post edit time override / enforcement (for lower time limts)


Formerly CyclingTribe
At the moment higher values trump lower values when setting editing time; for example, if the Registered group has an edit time of 30 mins, you cannot enforce a lower one by setting another group to 5 minutes.

I'd like to suggest an option to override this behaviour so that a lower value can be enforced.

The sceanrio that has prompted this suggestion was a desire to restrict members who serially go back an alter their posts - it would be useful to be able to put them in a group with a smaller editing time window, but at the moment we cannot.

Shaun :D


Well-known member
Hm, I know this has been suggested before. Not ideal, but:
Create a usergroup, set edit length permissions for registered there (+ add auto promotion as long as user isn't a member of your abuse group). Add all registered users to it.
Create an abuse group changing the length.


Well-known member
One issue with implementing this us that every single group would have to have post edit time and any other numerical permission set. This goes against how other group permissions work - the have the default of Not Set (No) and the overall permission is taken from the highest set across all groups ie the Allow permission.

If there are problem users who serially edit their posts and you don't want to reduce the Registered group's editing time and use a secondary group for promotion with longer editing, then the other simple solution is for the 'abuse' group to have "edit post by self" set to Never. That will override post editing for these naughty people that's set in the registered group. It'll teach them a lesson that if they can't be sensible with post editing then they can't do it at all.


Formerly CyclingTribe
Thanks for the suggestions ; whilst they provide a workaround, they don't fix the problem of numerical settings only being an upwards override.

Having to lower the value for the primary group, promote everyone to an additional higher value group, then remove from this group and set the additional "restrictive" group (which has other limitations besides the edit time) just to achieve something that could be implemented with a simple tick-box in the restrictive group, seems like overkill.

I'm not sure if it would create a problem (programmatically) - to offer an "override" tick box, but it sure would be useful. (y)