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The old topic from 2011 was closed and got a "No Thanks", but I have a good reason to allow usergroup promotions and change a person's primary usergroup.

I have Taigachat, the shoutbox, and I want it to have that new users (who have 50 posts and haven't been on for 2 weeks) need to be promoted to Registered in order to shout. This is to prevent new users popping up and posting porn or some crap in my shoutbox. But if I do it how the permissions are now, the New User Group (primary) overrides the Registered Group (secondary).

So I was wondering if we can change that, if we haven't done so in a new Xenforo version (I'm still on 1.2.2 only because the public wifi is blocking my FTP. >.<;; ).



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You can do that with user group promotion.

Remove the permission from the Registered user group, add it to the secondary user group.

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Start out with "Registered" users having the minimal permissions that brand new members have.
Create a secondary User Group with the additional permissions you want "promoted" users to have. Note - only the EXTRA permissions; the two (primary plus secondary) are cumulative. Then, when the conditions you specify are met you promote your new users by adding them to the secondary group.

You can do this multiple timers with each incremental permission set applied to another secondary group to which you ADD people as they "grow". So a highly privileged member may be in several secondary groups to accrue those permissions.

In other words the concept of "promoted to registered" is not how this works. Everybody is registered. When someone is promoted, they are promoted to something else in addition - that's how XF permissions are designed to work and it covers all bases.

You can, of course, rename these groups to anything that suits, but from a technical perspective "registered" is the base level that ALL your users (yourself included) should belong to. You add to this base level for more mature users, Moderators, admins etc., incrementally using secondary groups, each with an incremental permission set.


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Sorry but I don't get how to do that with the promotion thing.

So I set it up as:

Registered: Taigachat shout permissions: "No"
Higher Registration: Taigachat shout permissions: "Yes"


If you can upload a few image examples, it maybe best for me. ^^; Please and thank you.