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Hey there,
I was hoping someone around here may be able to help. I am setting up a new xF install for my new site. I have set up areas available to certain memberships eg: Book Club only available to those with the book club membership etc.

The secondary user group doesn't seem to be picking up - and all permissions seem to be only based on the primary usergroup of the member.

However, the issue I am having is I've tried to set up a 'support' section where All Admins / Moderators can see the posts however, only those users who start a thread are able to read their own thread and that's it.

I was wondering if anyone could give me a list of the correct usergroup permissions to have in order to achieve the above in that certain node.

Thanks in advance

Harpers Tate

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This is based on how you should have your permissions structured, with absolutely everybody a member of the same primary usergroup, and with an incremental set of secondary usergroups used to add (or remove) permissions from the primary set. If you haven't already got this structure in place, I recommend a good thorough read of help on this subject.

On that basis, for your support forum, it's quite simple:

1: For your Primary (base) UserGroup (the one everybody is a member of) - for your support forum (node) set the permission "View Threads by Others" to REVOKE
2: For your team members' secondary usergroup (eg Moderator) - for your support forum (node) set the permission "View Threads by Others" to ALLOW
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