XF 2.2 User upgrades not showing under active upgrades

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We just had one of our users use the user upgrade function for a 1 time payment upgrade. However, it doesn't show up in the active user upgrades panel of the backend. It also did not automatically upgrade his user group to the higher one. The payment did go through with Stripe. We have webhooks setup (which options should be enabled?) along with signing secret. This is the setting we have:
1) Does this only show subscription-style rather than 1-time payments?
2) What settings need to be changed if it is supposed to show this?
3) How do we get it to automatically upgrade his user level?
Do you see the entry in the payment provider log?

Stripe needs to do a callback to XF in order for the purchase and upgrade to register, and any user groups promotions to take place.
No, nothing in the log. The callback link is set up but are there specific things that need to be checked (checkout.suceed, etc)?
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