XF 1.5 User upgrades no longer renewing in XF but Paypal is taking money


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Hi folks,

I've started getting complaints from users who have had their automated renewals in paypal take money from them but XF has not renewed their membership.

I can see 3 transactions (all) in PP in December which are not reflecting in XF.

Why would XG not have renewed their upgrade?

I cannot see the PP transaction ID in XF either.


Merry Christmas!


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Can you see any transaction logs in XF? If not, then PayPal isn't hitting your server.

Have you changed URLs? If not, then you will want to check that IPNs are still enabled within your PayPal account. It's possible they've been disabled if errors occurred continuously. (There's an IPN history in PayPal that's historically been at https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-ipns-history . I'm not sure if this is still working though.)


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thanks Mike.

Most odd. I can see them in the history and I can see that they were sent. I've certainly got no record of them.
Oddly, Above the history it says IPN is turned off. No idea why this would be... I've turned it all on now. Will wait and see.

As always, thanks.


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Right, found the problem. There was a spelling error in the IPN which, I guess, caused it to eventually disable?

After enabling it and resending the missed transactions I still saw nothing in the transaction log. It seems, a resend in PP sends to the IPN of the time, not the current one. I'll manually update them all.

thanks for the help and merry Christmas !