User Upgrades For all new users


New member
I've seen the standard "User Upgrades" feature for users to become paid subscribers...

I've also looked through the addons to see if there is something already done to help with this... but no such luck it seems.

Here is the process I would like to implement.

1. The potential subscriber lands on my landing page... and decides they want to sign up to my forum by clicking on a link to a XenForo sign up form....

2. Customer then fills out the sign up form...

3. Customer then clicks a subscribe button at the bottom of the screen which then takes them to Paypal to set up their subscription payment

4. Customer then returned to the front page of the forum to start using the forum, or a think you page asking them to confirm their subscription...

Is this possible?

Basically this forum will be a PAID forum ONLY, no free accounts, due to the type of content that will be held in there.

Thanks in advance if you are able to assist